Village Hall

Wednesday 19th September 2018


Present: Cllrs                                                 

Chris Hurst (Chair)                                          Clerk Jacqui Harris                       

Paul Neal                                                                

Nicola Rudge

Norman White

Gavin Lloyd Thomas                                         2 members of public



40/18 Apologies – None


41/18 Approval of minutes of the meeting held 16th July 2018.  Minutes accepted as a

          true record and signed by the Chair


42/18 Registration of Interest - None


43/18 Formal Announcements – None


44/18 Public Participation

A member of the public reported that some of the trees and shrubs on or near the Green required attention. A rowan was growing up through phone lines. The recent dry weather had shown up the line of what is probably a sewer under the Green. The roots of the red oak tree might cause damage to the sewer. Branches of the Oak on the triangle appear low and may cause injury.  The willows near the Grange and Little Barn are very close to power lines which could lead to potential problems.  It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would take note and deal with where appropriate.


45/18  Finance

          Payments since last meeting were as on agenda and there had been no receipts.  Copies of the July to Aug cashbook were distributed.


46/18  Planning – None


47/18  Correspondence

A resident had asked the council to find out about the new gateways to the field opposite the wood on Sibford Rd.  Cllr. Neal reported that OCC had no concerns when contacted about the matter. The road is not classified and the gates were well set back from the highway.


A resident had a while ago expressed concern about the state of the playground equipment and had recently emailed thanking for the new swings and for the update on the work in progress.


48/18  Emergency Plan

          Thames Valley Police had asked for details of who to contact in the village.  The Chair outlined what an emergency plan was for.  Cllr Neal had agreed to be the main contact. It was RESOLVED that Cllrs Hurst and Neal would develop a plan.


49/18  Remembrance time

          The PC discussed Remembrance time and the Silent Soldier ‘Tommy’. It was RESOLVED that they would liaise with Eric Kaye about purchasing a Silent Soldier silhouette from Royal British Legion. Residents and village organisations would be asked for donations towards the £250 cost via an article and envelope in the next Epwell Echo. Any remaining cost would be picked up by EPC.


          The offer by OCC of a free sapling and commemorative plaque will be accepted. An oak was most appropriate and could be planted in the Playing Field.  It was RESOLVED that the Chair would follow this up.


50/18  Roads and Highways

Cllr Lloyd Thomas updated the meeting.  A resident’s claim against OCC for damage to his car from a pot hole had been turned down, on the grounds that the specific pot hole had not been reported. Cllr Lloyd Thomas was clear that the pot hole had in fact been reported. He requested that every individual pot hole be put on FixMyStreet. He is liaising with Nick Watson at OCC who informed him he was awaiting a budget hearing to see if money will be made available for repairing Epwell roads.

 The Chair referred to a letter and fact sheets received from Victoria Prentis MP in reply to concerns expressed over lack of satisfactory road repairs and damage to vehicles. A copy would be sent round council members.

It was reported that OCC bridges team would deal with the poor state of the Ford.

There were comments about the cycle hanging in a tree by the wood. It is overhanging the highway and is a potential danger.


51/18  Footpaths

 Cllr. Rudge updated the meeting on the monitoring of footpaths. Concern has been raised over the nettles on the Allotment field and elsewhere, plus some obscured footpath signs and a loose plank on a little bridge. It was RESOLVED to ask that nettles are cut and other matters dealt with. 


52/18  Common areas and verges

  1. Bench outside the village hall needs repairing
  2. Playground. Repairs have been made and painting with preservative was in hand. One set of goal posts are up and in good order. The second goal will be replaced.  Nets required. Cllr Lloyd Thomas offered sort this out.   A safety inspection of the play equipment was pencilled in for next year.
  3. The Chair said the Pavilion was very nearly complete. Grants are in and VAT claimed back. Some landscaping and glazing remains to be done. A permanent BBQ was discussed.   Approximate total cost is £20,000, paid for by grants, fund raising and donations.

The BBQ on 1st Sept, a warm Saturday afternoon and evening, was very well attended and showed what the building could offer. Potential future events such as Halloween and  Nov 5th were suggested. An article in the Echo would report on the project and encourage residents to use the pavilion. If a family wanted to use the building for a private gathering they should check with the Parish Clerk to avoid clashes.

 Future projects. It was RESOLVED to put together a grant application to CDC (Community Infrastructure) to include equipment for the new pavilion and adult gym equipment for the playground.  Chair will action.


Meeting closed at 2059 hrs


Suggested dates of future meetings

 Monday 26th November 2018